The newest 9.7-inch iPad, regularly priced at 30, was selling for 50 everywhere on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. And at Target, it’s back at that price as of today (Sunday, December 9). How long will it last? We have no idea. But if you missed the earlier sale, now’s your chance to pounce. (Note that CNET may get a share of revenue from the sale of products featured on this page.)

See 32GB iPad at Target

Remember, that’s 0 off the normal everyday price of 30. And if 32GB isn’t big enough for you (and once you get some apps and some movies on there, it won’t be), the good news is that the 128GB model is also on sale for 0 off, at 50. So, instead of paying 30 for the 32GB iPad at the Apple Store, you’re paying just 0 more to get 4x the storage.

See 128GB iPad at Target

So far, only the silver model is sold out in both capacities.

As recently as yesterday, the 32GB 2018 iPad was 70 at Best Buy and Amazon, but that price has crept back up to 80. So until and unless other vendors start price-matching, this Target deal is definitely the best out there. 

Note that this is the 2018 iPad that was introduced in March. Unlike its 2017 predecessor, this one is compatible with the first-generation Apple Pencil, so it makes a great gift for artistically inclined kids and adults who don’t need the supercharged power of the 00-plus iPad Pro. 


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